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The benefits of using our Tampa Florida property management services.

Tampa property management

The management of residential property can be a time consuming and complex business requiring a deep understanding of the structure and meaning of leases and a thorough knowledge of real estate rental laws.

Owners will often try to manage their own properties in an attempt to lower costs, only to find out after having a single bad tenant or some unexpected property damage that it ends up costing more. Employing the services of a professional property management company can have huge and wide ranging benefits to property owners.

Management Experience

An experienced property management company is the key to successfully renting your property for the highest return on your investment and without stress. Property management is often a complex, time consuming business requiring your full attention. An experienced property management company will have all the skills necessary, developed over many years, to efficiently manage your property without problems. Langee Realty Inc. has nearly two and a half decades of real estate and full service property management experience in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Tenant Sourcing

Property owners often overlook the importance of having a constant supply of good quality tenants. A bad tenant can be a disaster for your investment and could cost you thousands of dollars in damage repairs. Ensuring that a constant supply of tenants are available to move into your property at short notice is another key to maximizing your return on investment. At Langee Realty Inc., we can locate and place a great tenant in your property on your behalf. We own 9 houses ourselves, so understand the need for a property to be occupied with good tenants. We also own an affordable mobile home park and are experts in dealing with bad tenants. We can deal with the whole process for you from locating tenants, lease preparation and collecting rents and security deposits.

Professionalism and Efficiency

Property Management Tampa FloridaUsing a Tampa Bay area property management company provides a professional interface between property owners and tenants. If property owners are experiencing any problems with tenants, they have an experienced, professional intermediary who can deal with and efficiently resolve any problem on their behalf.

Subcontractor Relationships

A good property management company will have relationship with many repairs any maintenance contractors who have been pre-vetted and the quality of their work verified. If your property is damaged, getting repairs completed as quickly as possible and for the best possible price is important, so having a group of contractors ready to work straight away is a real asset. Building maintenance is another important part of your property management. At Langee Realty Inc., we have relationships with a large group of professional subcontractors that can give you much better prices than what's available to the public.

Knowledgeable of Arrears Procedures

Evictions and collecting missed rent payments normally becomes a reality at some point in a property owner’s life. A good property management company will have lots of experience in this aspect of rental property and will be knowledgeable of the procedures that need to be followed. No property owner likes to evict a tenant. Not only is it expensive, but it can be distressing for all those involved. If it ever becomes necessary to evict a tenant, having the property management company as an experienced third party can make the process go much smoother for the property owner. At Langee Realty Inc., we have experience with evictions and the collection of late payments and can deal with the whole process on your behalf.

Property Management Port Richey FloridaTaking on the services of a property management company to manage your property portfolio is a common tactic used by the most successful property owners. Having a company work for you that knows your aims and goals is a real asset and can greatly improve your return on investment in the long run.

Langee Realty Inc. can take on all aspects of your property management in the Tampa Bay, Florida area including tenant location and referral, tenant screening, lease preparation, rent and security deposit collection, maintenance and repair and online financial reporting. We are a licensed property broker and our complete, full management service allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the return on your investment knowing that every aspect of your rental property is being managed by a company with three successful decades of experience and many happy clients.

Tampa Florida Property Management

We offer property management in the Tampa bay area.

Property management and landlord services in the Tampa bay area of Florida.

Langee Realty Inc. offers exceptional property management services for both local and absentee investment property owners in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Our rental property management services include:

Tenant locator and referral Services.

Tenant Screening Services.

Lease Preparation Services

Rent Collection, Maintenance, Disbursal and Security Deposits.

Maintenance and repair services.

Online financial reporting.

for owners of single and multi-family residential properties.

As a licensed Florida Real Estate Brokerage, Langee Realty Inc., our primary goal is to provide stress free property management services to Tampa bay area property owners, so that they may retain power over their investments.

No property should sit vacant for months at a time. Utilizing an experienced Tampa property management company - one that has a constant flow of tenant resources - will ensure occupancy of your property. We want you to fully benefit from your Tampa area rental properties, thus protecting your investments and rental income through proven and effective methods of our unique property management.

Residential property owners can rest easy knowing that we have nearly three decades of real estate and property management experience in Tampa Bay.

We currently provide property management services to owners of rental properties located in the Tampa bay area.

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Affordable rental property in the Tampa bay area Florida.

Tampa Florida Property Management

We offer property management in the Tampa bay area.

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Tampa Florida Property Management

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Tampa Property Management

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